Linda D. Thomas, CPA, LLC

Services for Individuals:

  • Tax Planning & Consulting
    Proper tax planning strategies can reduce your tax liability. Some common questions that can be answered with proper tax planning include:
    • How does the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (aka H.R. 1) affect you?
    • Should you make your January mortgage payment in December or January?
    • Should you make a charitable contribution for tax purposes?
    • Do you need to make estimated tax payments?
    • Do you need to change your withholdings?
    • Should you retire and how will that change your tax situation?
    • How will the sale of an investment affect your tax situation?
    • Should you pay off your mortgage?
    • Will renting out your house be worthwhile?
    • How will a new job affect your tax situation?
    • Should you convert your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA?
    • Should you itemize your deductions or use the standard deduction?
    • Do you have a taxable estate?
    • Is the income received during the administration of the estate taxable?
    • How is a trust taxed?
  • Tax Preparation Services
    • Individual
    • Estates
    • Trusts
    • Gifts
    • Computer generated tax return with paper copy for your records
    • E-file at no extra charge
  • Estate & Trust Planning
    Proper estate and trust tax planning can increase the wealth to your beneficiaries. Some common questions that arise in this area include:
    • How much of your estate is subject to tax?
    • How can you minimize your taxable estate?
    • How do gifts made during your lifetime affect your taxable estate?
    • What is the unified credit?
    • What records do you need for the proper administration of your estate?
    • How is a trust taxed?

Please contact the office to inquire if you are in need of a service that you do not see specifically listed as this list is only a sample of the services that are provided.